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At TIL ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS, we are dedicated to designing and constructing for the future. Our focus is on safeguarding our planet's most precious resource: water. We achieve this by offering solutions for solids removal and cleanup in storm retention ponds, water treatment lagoons, biosolids sewage lagoons, and industrial lagoons.

wait, but why?

Regular cleaning of storm retention ponds is crucial for increasing their retention capacity. This maintenance not only helps in removing accumulated sediments and debris but also eliminates impurities that contribute to foul odors, such as rotting vegetation and bird feces.

Similarly, the proper operation of sewage lagoons within municipalities relies heavily on regular cleaning and the removal of solids. This maintenance is imperative for creating sufficient space within the lagoons for ongoing sewage treatment processes. By ensuring these spaces are clear, municipalities can maintain effective sewage treatment operations and prevent overflow issues.


Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth in oceans, lakes, and reservoirs. Using specialized surveys, they measure water depth and map underwater features safely and efficiently, providing valuable data for making informed decisions about water bodies. We recommend Aquavision Canada, experts in lagoon, lake & pond surveys and underwater inspections; water, sediment & volume calculations.


TIL has the latest unmanned remote dredge technology, using the right dredge for each job by fully analyzing lagoon size, depth, volumes, and type of sludge. Combined with Tecumseh’s custom built in-house centrifuge technology, we can deliver an efficient, high volume dewatering package for lagoon solids removal and clean-up requirements.

Our process can be used efficiently for the removal of solids from any type of lagoon, settling pond or retention pond, including dairy, hog and sewage.

Weeds & sh*t.

TIL will assess the vegetation, weeds, high solids, and debris in your lagoon that typically accumulate on the banks and include reeds, trees, roots and debris. These materials reduce the lagoon's efficiency by encroaching on its surface area and banks. Removing them will restore the lagoon to its original size and efficiency, improving its health. We will safely remove all debris and vegetation from the banks before starting the dredging and desludging process. This extra step saves operational time during sludge removal, as the dredging process will operate efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring the project stays within budget and timeline.

Pump that sh*t.

TIL’s unmanned remote dredge is designed for continuous removal of settled solids, increasing the usable space within your lagoon. We use the right dredge for the job by fully analyzing lagoon size, depth, volumes, and type of sludge. Each dredge comes with a liner protection system to protect against costly liner damage.

Sort that sh*t.

TIL’s sealed shaker tank receives the material from the dredge and removes all the larger debris before sending the slurry to the Tecumseh centrifuges. The sealed tank also removes any potential gases that may be occurring within the lagoon during the process.

We design and build our own shaker tanks.

Spin that sh*t.

Centrifugal finesse: The final separation is performed by Tecumseh centrifuges: returning clean water to the lagoon, and depositing dry, stackable solids that can be removed from the site.

Tecumseh’s continued success is attributed to manufacturing one of the largest, most reliable and most efficient horizontal decanting centrifuges available in the dewatering industry.

meet the team

meet the team

The boss.

Rob Palmer is the President of Tecumseh Industries Ltd., overseeing its TIL Environmental Solutions Division. Since 1998, Rob has led Tecumseh in developing innovative solutions for the oilfield drilling industry, including a patented compact one-load skid unit. This technology, exclusive to Tecumseh, enhances efficiency, saves operators time and money, and prioritizes safety and environmental sustainability.

Rob's commitment to ethical business practices extends to his role as a cattle rancher. Through TIL Environmental Solutions, Tecumseh continues to drive positive change by offering water-saving solutions that benefit both business and the environment.

(403) 652-8004

The ideas man.

Operations Manager Josh Mikkelsen is a dedicated and detail-oriented member of our team, with over 30 years of experience. He authored our exceptional health and safety manuals, exceeding industry standards. Josh embraces new challenges and fosters open communication with a touch of humor.

Outside of work, he is a devoted family man with a passion for the outdoors, enjoying activities such as dirt biking, camping, hunting, and quad biking.

(403) 862-1870

Smooth Operator.

With 24 years of dedicated service to Tecumseh/TIL Environmental, Terry Palanuik serves as the Shop Manager, playing a crucial role in the organization's success. Terry is the backbone of Tecumseh, ensuring the smooth operation of the shop and keeping everyone organized. His easy-going nature and commitment to honesty create a comfortable work environment, and he is always willing to lend a hand to his colleagues.

Terry attributes his longstanding dedication to Tecumseh to the positive environment where employees are treated and respected like family. His commitment and hard work are invaluable to Tecumseh/TIL Environmental Solutions, and the team is grateful for his continued contributions.

(403) 601-2424

With over 20 years of experience in lagoon maintenance, Fred Netter is your go-to expert for discussing solutions for your de-sludging projects. Whether it's municipal bio-solids lagoons, agricultural ponds, water treatment plants, or stormwater retention ponds, TIL can provide tailored programs to efficiently resolve your capacity issues. We offer comprehensive services including site visits, participation in Municipal Board meetings, and engaging video presentations. Let us collaborate with you to create a viable and manageable solution for your project.

(780) 720-5758

By the Numbers.

Christianne Dahlman has been with Tecumseh & TIL Environmental Solutions for over 10 years as CPA, CA and the Controller. She works hard with the team to ensure quality products and services.

A mother of three, she values the flexible schedule that allows her to balance work and family. Described as honest, dependable, and caring, she embodies the company's values.

(403) 601-2424

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